Services to Attorneys


I understand psychological assessment.  I am thoroughly familiar with a broad range of psychological and neuropsychological tests and the literature that supports (or does not support) the use of these tests, and I am thoroughly experienced in conducting, reporting, and reviewing psychological assessments.  I have testified on issues pertaining to appropriate test selection, test practices, and test interpretation in many jurisdictions and contexts.  For almost 20 years, I have provided full-day workshops to psychologists on issues in forensic psychologist assessment.


Services provided to attorneys:


Review mental health reports for reliability, validity, and fairness.


Review “raw test data” for scoring errors, miscalculations, and mischaracterization of scores.


Review videos of actual testing sessions. 


I am thoroughly familiar with all of these documents that pertain to how assessments should be accomplished.


American Psychological Asssociation Ethics Code


Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing


Practice Guidelines for Neuropsychological Assessment and Consultation


Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology


Psychiatry Practice Guidelines for Forensic Assessment







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