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Review of videos of actual testing sessions

There is often no substitute for having a video of the actual testing session.  I review videos often, and I find these sorts of issues:


(1) Testing was not administered, but is referenced in the report as having been administered.


(2) Wholesale violation of standard administration of tests.  If the tests were not administered exactly as they must be, the interpretations of test scores are unreliable and should be considered invalid.  Examples include


(3)  The examiner uses a demeaning tone when giving instructions, speaks angrily to the test-taker, or mocks the test-taker.


(4) There are interruptions to the testing procedure by actions or noise—but these interruptions are never reported by the evaluator.  Examples—a Weed Eater runs outside the window when a list of words to be memorized is presented, an examiner re-loads his or her copier machine while the test-taker completes a test, an examiner clacks loudly on his or her keyboard while the examiner completes a test, or test items are presented for visual memorization in the glaring sun.


(5) The test-taker appears to be sedated or falling asleep during the examination, but this is not noted by the examiner.





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